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What is 3rd Party GLONASS RTK?

3rd-Party GLONASS RTK (limited implementation to known competitive receivers)

  • GLONASS employs a different technique of frequency use and modulation as compared to GPS. Without an industry standard to follow, each manufacturer applies a different frequency bias to track and demodulate the GLONASS signal. While each manufacturer can easily use GLONASS signals for RTK within their own product line, doing the same with a mixture of competitive equipment has proven to be an obstacle. NavCom software (v3.3 and later) helps to bridge this gap for the most popular manufacturer receiver families and allows NavCom receivers to be used with a wide variety of deployed competitive equipment.

How Does 3rd Party GLONASS RTK Work?

NavCom utilizes a lookup table of calibration values based on tested competitive products. The receivers provide a user command which allows the receiver to be updated for a new product if the new product is not in the calibration table.

What systems can use 3rd Party GLONASS RTK (all known receivers as of Mar 2013)?

  • Novatel
  • Trimble
  • Javad
  • Topcon
  • Leica

How do I get 3rd Party GLONASS RTK?

The receiver needs to operate on production software version 3.3 or later. Please contact Customer Support for the correct software update