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SF-3050 Web Server Interface

What is the Web Server Interface for the SF-3050?

This feature allows users of the SF-3050 to view receiver performance and configure their receiver with a web browser (Chrome, FireFox, Safari, or Windows Explorer).  This has the same functionality as StarUtil-3000.

What are the differences between the Web Server Interface and StarUtil-3000?

The web server has a sub-set of the available functions in StarUtil-3000. The features that are not present in the web server are those that require desktop computer support. These include (but are not limited to): data parsing, RINEX conversion, and playback simulation.

What security / access measures are provided for in the Web Server Interface?

This feature has three separate access levels which are setup using StarUtil-3000: User, Technician, and Administrator. Each level requires a user name and password. Users have the ability to observe the receiver performance and make minor software changes. Technicians have access to configure and input command / control features. Administrators can create User and Technician accounts. These access controls help to protect the receiver against unauthorized usage if the receiver is accessible via an open WAN interface.

How do I get the Web Server Interface?

The receiver needs to operate on production software version 3.3 or later. Please contact Customer Support for the correct software update