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NavCom releases StarControl™ to configure & monitor NavCom’s GPS receivers

Users are now given the ability to choose from a variety of economical controller hardware and operating system solutions without the need to integrate receiver control into their application software.


Torrance, CA – August 8, 2007—NavCom Technology, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Deere & Company (NYSE:DE), announced the release of StarControl, a utility designed to adapt commercially available handheld controller solutions and programs to support NavCom GPS receivers..


With StarControl, users are now able to:.


  • Support multiple off-the-shelf windows-based handheld controller devices to work with select NavCom GPS recievers
  • Utilize application-specific parameter profiles for NavCom products, thus enabling rapid setup capability
  • Enable snapshots of receiver diagnostics
  • Initiate internal data logging with lower-cost platforms

StarControl is the next generation of our control software allowing one button receiver setup”, said Steve Wilson, NavCom’s GPS Products Business Manager. ”NavCom Customers are now given the flexibility to choose from a range of economical controller devices and application software packages."


Designed as an end user application, StarControl is a powerful utility allowing the user to create customer setup profiles in addition to those supplied with the utility. Changing receiver configuration to operate as a base or rover for a particular application is as simple as pressing a button to upload the selected profile. StarControl also affords the user the ability to view receiver status such as navigation mode, satellite tracking status, and many other receiver functions.


Pricing and Availability

StarControl is now included as a standard part of the software suite shipped with every NavCom GPS receiver. All three platform versions, PC, Allegro and Archer are currently available and included on the software CD. For additional product information, visit NavCom Technology’s website at www.NavComTech.com or contact the NavCom sales team at (310) 381-2000 orsales@NavComTech.com.


About NavCom Technology, Inc.

NavCom Technology, Inc., a John Deere Company (NYSE:DE), is a leading provider of advanced GPS products for OEMs, VARs and system integrators requiring high performance RTK systems, global decimeter level GPS satellite corrections, geodetic quality GPS receivers, wireless communication products and engineering consulting in the areas of precise positioning, wireless communications and robotics. For more information on NavCom Technology and its products, please visit www.NavComTech.com.

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