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In Memoriam: Dr. Richard K.T. Woo - NavCom Principal and Co-Founder

Redondo Beach, CA. - “On Thursday, September 26, we lost our friend and colleague, Dr. Richard Kai Tuen Woo,” NavCom President James D. Litton announced today. “Those of us who were privileged to know him well and to work with him closely are going to miss him daily for a long time. K.T.’s system designs will, in the ineluctable nature of our technology businesses, be superseded in time, but the company he helped to create and which would not have been the company it is without him as a cofounder and Principal will continue, and two generations of engineers will build upon his legacy of critical systems analysis and synthesis to create the systems that will carry his intellectual DNA for the benefit of mariners, farmers, soldiers, civil engineers and many others, not the least of which will be the employees and shareholders of NavCom Technology, Inc.”

Dr. K.T. Woo was a passionate and devoted family man who never forgot his humble beginnings in Shanghai. He emigrated to the U.S.A, alone, at the age of 17, and continued to support his family back home while working two jobs to put himself through college and university, eventually earning a Bachelors degree, Masters degree and PhD from The University of California at Los Angeles.

As chief system designer at NavCom Technology, with over 30 years of expertise in GPS receiver design, spread spectrum communication and satellite communication system engineering, he assisted many younger systems engineers and designers in their designs, with analysis, simulation and diagnostic discussions. One of his important legacies to NavCom was his hiring of several exceptional systems engineers. He also leaves behind a legacy of critical systems analysis and synthesis and his contributions were key to the development and growth of the company he helped found. He created the overall system design of the core technology in every product in NavCom’s portfolio as well as numerous forthcoming products and technologies currently under development.

Prior to his tenure at NavCom, he performed system design and development of UHF-frequency hopping radios, satellite terminals, telephone modems, multi-megabit telemetry receivers, and the payload system engineering for a number of communication satellites including NASA's Tracking and Data Relay Satellite. Owner of an impressive list of patents, he also published more than 30 papers in technical journals and conferences and co-authored Communication and Nuclear Scintillation, a book on spread spectrum communications.

Dr. Woo is survived by his wife, Dr. Audrey Woo, his son, Dr. Russell Woo, and his daughter, Dr. Andrea Woo.

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