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NavCom Director Ronald R. Hatch Invited To Address Wuhan Symposium

Redondo Beach, CA.– NavCom Technology, Inc., a leader in precise positioning and communications technology, announced today that Director of Navigation Systems Ronald Hatch, Sr. will present a paper on “StarFire and Real-Time GIPSY: A Global High-Accuracy Differential GPS System” at the 4th International Symposium on GPS/GNSS at Wuhan University taking place November 6-8, 2002 in China.


Hatch is Director of Navigation Systems, Principal and Co-Founder of NavCom Technology, Inc. and the immediate past-President of the U.S. Institute of Navigation (ION). He formerly served as Executive Vice-President of the ION, as program chair and general chairman of the ION GPS meetings, and as the Satellite Division vice chairman and chairman. He has also received the Thomas L. Thurlow Award and the Johannes Kepler Award from the ION, and has been elected a Fellow of the ION.

The paper addresses the unique characteristics of the decimeter accuracy StarFire™ Network, originally developed by NavCom in conjunction with parent company John Deere. Several key developments in the system and underlying technology will be addressed as well as the transitioning of the Network from a continental solution to a higher accuracy global solution. Notably how combining JPL’s Real-Time GIPSY software, NASA’s Global GPS Network and NavCom’s StarFire Network has resulted in the most highly accurate, globally available and reliable DGPS network in existence, thus paving the road for new applications to emerge and existing applications to further advance.

According to Wuhan University, the event sponsor, the Symposium is the “biggest GPS/GNSS meeting in Asia and one of the major international forums for global positioning and navigation technology. It brings together internationally recognized experts and offers a unique opportunity to share knowledge and experience and to stay in touch with the latest technology advances and applications in GPS/GNSS.”

NavCom Technology, Inc., a John Deere Company (NYSE: DE), offers worldwide DGPS services, advanced OEM GPS products, wireless communication products and engineering consulting in the areas of precise positioning and wireless communications. To download a copy of the technical paper or for more information on the StarFire Network, NavCom and its products, please visit www.NavComTech.com or contact sales@NavComTech.com.

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