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NavCom Introduces the Revolutionary Safari Network™ SR-7100 System

NavCom Technology Introduces the Revolutionary Safari Network™ SR-7100 System

Redondo Beach, CA. July 9, 2002 - NavCom Technology, Inc. announced today the introduction of its Safari Network™ SR-7100 System. The Safari Network product line utilizes NavCom’s wireless communications expertise to provide mobile users in harsh environments with local wireless networks. The SR-7100 System offers a revolutionary data communications solution for systems integrators looking to expand their customers’ network communications systems to the remote mobile environment.

“The SR-7100 is a private, dedicated system that seamlessly integrates fixed and mobile assets into a single flexible network,” said NavCom Product Manager Anjana Larsen. “The rugged design of the SR-7100 components creates an ‘always on’ communications system for vehicles in harsh environments such as farm fields, construction sites, and mines.”

The SR-7100 System extends traditional applications to remote and mobile environments enabling the creation of many new applications targeted specifically to mobile assets. A unique advantage is that it is a one-time purchase and operates in the license-free band, eliminating both the licensing process associated with licensed systems and monthly connection charges incurred with traditional cellular solutions. At the base station location, the system is centrally managed and can easily be used as a gateway to other wired networks such as a private LAN, the Internet, and the public switched telephone network.

The Safari Network™ SR-7100 System handles multiple sessions of varied data types simultaneously and has a 20-mile range that can be extended through its repeater capability. It builds on NavCom’s communications systems expertise to provide the necessary features and capabilities to wirelessly meet most fleet management, data acquisition, machine control and local area networking application requirements. Systems integrators who are developing these applications benefit by providing greater savings and efficiencies to their customers. The innovative SR-7100 System, with its ability to simultaneously receive and transmit data in real-time, brings the sophistication of multi-service, multi-session communications networks to a new level by expanding it to the mobile wireless environment.

NavCom Technology, Inc., a John Deere Company (NYSE: DE), offers wireless communication products, worldwide DGPS services, advanced OEM GPS products and engineering consulting in the areas of precise positioning and wireless communications.

For more information about NavCom, the Safari Network or becoming a NavCom dealer, please visit the website at www.NavComTech.com or contact SR7100@NavComTech.com.

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