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Geostationary Satellite NameGeostationary PositionNetworkAzimuth (Degrees)Elevation (Degrees)Satellite Range (km)
INMARSAT 4-F398° WNET1146°45°37407
INMARSAT 3-F454° WNET2105°13°40307
INMARSAT 3-F215.5° WNET283°<0°43789
INMARSAT 3-F525° ENET153°<0°46657
INMARSAT 3-F164.5° ENET2355°<0°47591
INMARSAT 4-F1143.5° ENET1275°<0°43385
INMARSAT 3-F3178° ENET2255°13°40255
Satellite BasedGeostationary PositionGPS PRNAzimuth (Degrees)Elevation (Degrees)Satellite Range (km)
WAAS - PanAmSat133° W135205°48°37231
WAAS - Telesat107.3° W138161°49°37145
EGNOS - AOR-E15.5° W12083°<0°43789
EGNOS - ARTEMIS21.5° E12457°<0°46474
EGNOS - E/A25° E12653°<0°46657
EGNOS - IOR65.5° E131353°<0°47586
MSAS - MTSAT-1140° ETBD277°<0°43694
Generated using latitude: 33.8°, longitude: -118.3°.
Legend: Visible Near Horizon Not Visible

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