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With so many navigation choices available within NavCom receivers, we produced SureNav. Multiple sources of correction data including StarFire corrections can be input into a receiver at the same time. With SureNav, you can be Sure that the output navigation position will be the best available, coupled with NavCom’s robust confidence statistics which are based upon the navigation inputs to depict the performance level at any moment in time.

SureNav intelligently evaluates all available information including (but not limited to) the quality of available measurements, obtainable correction data and satellite geometry to optimize system performance. The system constantly evaluates navigation mode selection thus allowing it to transition between navigation modes more smoothly. SureNav can continue to use satellite measurements even when L2 is lost due to shading from foliage or partial blockage from structures. The system will also intelligently evaluate all combinations of single or dual frequency, 2D or 3D, type of corrections available including WAAS/EGNOS, StarFire and RTK to select which of the 16+ different operating modes will optimize performance