RTK Extend

An industry exclusive, RTK Extend™ allows for continuous RTK positioning during radio outages by allowing StarFire™ to take over when the RTK radio communication signal is blocked or out of range.


Traditionally, when an RTK rover loses communication with the base station, it is unable to provide position updates for more than a few seconds, resulting in user down time and reduced productivity. With the revolution of RTK Extend™, centimeter-accurate positioning is maintained for up to 15 minutes during communication loss. RTK Extend™ allows users to work without costly interruptions and frees them to concentrate on the work instead of the tools.


With RTK Extend™, once the communication link is restored, the rover automatically and seamlessly switches back to the standard RTK solution. The break in communications and the seamless mode transitions of RTK Extend™ will be transparent to the user with the exception of a mode flag indicating that the receiver is operating in the StarFire™-aided RTK Extend™ rather than standard RTK.


RTK Extend™ is a software option available with all StarFire receivers enabled with RTK and running software version 3.0.0 or higher.