• “All-in-view” parallel tracking with 66 channels
  • Built-in StarFire receiver
  • L1, L2, L5, G1, & G2 full wavelength carrier phase tracking
  • Software Upgradeable Performance Path


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Product Details


NavCom's SF-3050 family of integrated StarFire/RTK GNSS Receivers provides five centimeter position accuracy, anywhere in the world, anytime. Powered by the new Sapphire™ Engine, the SF-3050 provides 66 channel tracking, including multi-constellation support for GPS and GLONASS. It also incorporates high-speed I/O components, including Ethernet, Bluetooth and USB capability.

Features & Specs

Key Features

  • “All-in-view” parallel tracking with 66 channels
  • Built-in StarFire receiver
  • L1, L2, L5, G1, & G2 full wavelength carrier phase tracking
  • C/A, P1, P2, L2C, L5, G1 & G2 code tracking
  • High sensitivity / low signal level tracking
  • Fast acquisition / re-acquisition
  • Superior interference suppression (both in-band & out-of-band)
  • Patented multipath rejection
  • StarFire Over IP delivery (Optional)
  • RTK Extend™
  • StarFire Over the Air (OTA) Licensing Capable
  • Minimal data latency
  • Data message formats
    • NMEA-0183: ALM, GBS, GGA, GLL, GRS, GSA, GST, GSV, RMC, RRE, VTG, ZDA, NCT proprietary
    • Differential Correction: RTCM 2.3 and 3.0, SBAS, and StarFire (proprietary)
    • RTK Correction: CMR/CMR+, RTCM, NavCom Proprietary UltraRTK™
    • Receiver Control: NavCom Proprietary commands (ASCII)
  • Configurable as RTK base or rover
  • Programmable output rates
  • Event marker input
  • 1 PPS output
  • Communication Ports: 2 x RS232 (1 - Changable to RS422), 1 x USB 2.0 (Host or Device), Bluetooth™ and Ethernet (10T/100T)
  • 2GB Internal Data Storage


RTK Accuracy (<40km): 1cm + 0.5ppm Horizontal / 2cm + 1ppm Vertical
StarFire Accuracy: <5cm Horizontal / <10cm Vertical
Code DGPS Accuracy (<200kms): 45cm + 3ppm Horizontal / 90cm + 3ppm Vertical
Position Velocity Time Outputs: 1Hz, 5Hz, 10Hz, 25Hz, 50Hz, 100Hz

Performance Upgrade Path

The SF-3050 is designed with a robust and long-term performance upgrade path to meet changing application needs via software optioning alone. Increased functionality does not require the costly purchase of a new receiver. The SF-3050 software-enabled features, bundled or purchased individually, cover a wide variety of applications.

Over the Air StarFire Licensing

Over The Air StarFire Licensing is the easiest way to install a StarFire license. The installation of a purchased license is accomplished via radio broadcast. Over The Air StarFire Licensing is especially convenient for receivers in remote locations in the field.

GNSS Performance

Sapphire, the SF-3050's engine, is a 66 channel GNSS with the required flexibility to track all civilian GNSS and SBAS signals (GPS & GLONASS) with integrated StarFire signal tracking. Sapphire’s industry leading receiver sensitivity provides more than 50% signal to noise ratio advantage over competing technologies. This results in improved real time positioning, proven through independent tests, when facing various multipath environments.

High Precision

Coupled with our StarFire subscription service, the SF-3050 delivers 5 cm position fixes without the use of a secondary receiver. Add our RTK option and an external radio capable of receiving RTK corrections from a base station, and the SF-3050 is able to perform RTK-level surveys for unsurpassed accuracy. Onboard memory (2GB) and a geodetic-quality antenna enable millimeter-level accuracy from post-processing.