gnss receiver


  • Lightweight, rugged land survey receiver
  • Operates as an RTK base or rover
  • Built-in StarFire receiver
  • Multi-constellation support (GPS, GLONASS)


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Product Details


NavCom's SF-3040 pole-mount StarFire/RTK GNSS Survey Receiver provides RTK-level accuracy up to 40 km away from the base station or 5 cm-level position accuracy, anywhere in the world, anytime. Powered by the Sapphire™ Engine, the SF-3040 provides 66 channel tracking, including multi-constellation support for GPS, GLONASS and SBAS including StarFire.


The SF-3040 supports Ultra RTK™, which allows RTK accuracy (1.0cm + .05ppm) at up to 40km from the base station. Combined with NavCom's industry-exclusive RTK Extend™, users can work farther away from base stations and maintain RTK-level accuracy even during radio outages for up to 15 minutes.

Features & Specs

Key Features

  • Light weight, rugged land survey receiver
  • Operates as an RTK base or rover
  • Built-in StarFire receiver
  • Multi-constellation support
    • GPS & Glonass
  • Ultra RTK (up to 40km baseline)
  • StarFire Over IP delivery (Optional)
  • RTK Extend™ – Coast through base station outages
  • Dual hot swappable batteries for continuous operation
  • UHF radio option
  • “All-in-view“ tracking with 66 channels
  • High sensitivity / low signal level tracking
  • Fast acquisition / re-acquisition
  • Superior interference suppression (both in-band & out-of-band)
  • Patented multipath rejection


RTK Accuracy (<40km): 1cm + 0.5ppm Horizontal / 2cm + 1ppm Vertical
StarFire GNSS: <5cm Horizontal / <10cm Vertical
Code DGPS Accuracy (<200kms): 45cm + 3ppm Horizontal / 90cm + 3ppm Vertical
Position Velocity Time Outputs: 1Hz, 5Hz, 10Hz, 25Hz, 50Hz, 100Hz

Ultra RTK + RTK Extend

The SF-3040 supports a powerful combination of RTK tools that helps reduce outages while providing extended coverage, saving our users valuable time and effort. Ultra RTK provides RTK-level accuracy up to 40km away from a base station and RTK Extend allows for continuous RTK positioning during radio outages by allowing StarFire™ to take over when the RTK radio communication signal is blocked or out of range.

Internal UHF Radio

The optional Internal 1 watt UHF radio simplifies setup and operation while allowing the operator to work further from the base station.

Data Logging

2GB removable SD card and a geodetic-quality antenna enable millimeter-level accuracy from post-processing.

GNSS Performance

Sapphire, the SF-3040's GNSS engine, is a 66 channel GNSS with the required flexibility to track all civilian GNSS (GPS & GLONASS) and SBAS signals including StarFire. Sapphire's industry leading receiver sensitivity provides more than 50% signal to noise ratio advantage over competing technologies. This results in improved real time positioning, proven through independent tests, when facing various multipath environments.