Dynamic Positioning

Dynamic Positioning

Maintain position and heading in the most fluid of environments

Dynamic Positioning (DP) is an automated method used in offshore applications that can maintain a vessel’s position and heading by using propellers and thrusters. DP can be used on Mobile Offshore Drilling Units, Oceanographic Research Vessels and Cruise Ships. This not only allows for ease of maneuverability but also no need for anchor handling tugs, water depth dependencies, and obstructed seabed limitations. NavCom’s DP solutions provide real-time accurate positioning without the need for base stations. 

gnss receiver on blue background

The SF-3050 for Dynamic Positioning Applications

Coupled with our StarFire™ subscription service, the SF-3050 delivers 5 cm position fixes without the use of a base station receiver. Add our RTK option and an external radio capable of receiving RTK corrections from a base station, and the SF-3050 is able to perform RTK-level surveys for unsurpassed accuracy. Onboard memory (2GB) and a geodetic-quality antenna enable millimeter-level accuracy from post-processing. The SF-3050’s compact and rugged form factor is ideal for offshore marine applications. The flexibility of the SF-3050 will enable you to adapt to any application, and will give you the confidence to get the job done.

StarFire for Dynamic Positioning Applications

When you’re out at sea with no static reference points, NavCom’ StarFire Network is a global satellite-based augmentation system (GSBAS) that provides five centimeter positioning accuracy on a worldwide basis, completely independent of geographical boundaries, allowing users to roam freely while maintaining the most precise positioning information.