Improved positioning leads to saved time and money

Dredging applications such as waterway construction, dike construction, land reclamation, beach nourishment, and artificial island construction, demand centimeter level precise positioning provided by RTK technologies. NavCom’s dredging solutions deliver high accuracy positioning that consistently result in time saved and increased productivity.

gnss receiver on blue background

The SF-3050 for Dredging applications

The SF-3050 is a compact solution able to perform RTK-level surveys for unsurpassed accuracy. Onboard memory (2GB) and the geodetic-quality antenna enable millimeter-level accuracy from post-processing. The SF-3050’s compact and rugged form factor is ideal for offshore marine applications. The flexibility of the SF-3050 will enable you to adapt to any application, and will give you the confidence to get the job done.

RTK Add-ins Improve Performance

In addition to traditional RTK accuracy, NavCom’s powerful combination of RTK add-ins help reduce outages while providing extended coverage, saving our users valuable time and effort. Ultra RTK provides RTK-level accuracy up to 40km away from a base station and RTK Extend leverages the StarFire Network for continuous RTK positioning when the RTK radio communication signal is blocked or out of range.