Take control of your worksite

Construction survey is key to creating the foundation for your project by laying reference points and establishing markers that determine the location of the planned structure or improvements, vertical and horizontal positioning, dimensions, configuration, and to control the elevation of the new structures. Our LAND-PAK survey system with its Ultra RTK and exclusive RTK Extend™ features are powerful solutions that let you take control of your job site and simplify the job.

LAND-PAK System for Construction Survey

Quick setup, ease of use and superb performance allow LAND-PAK to meet the needs of even the most demanding work site. The rugged, water resistant and shock proof design coupled with hot swappable batteries ensure continuous operation in the field. UHF and GSM communication links with support for multiple RTK formats allow the LAND-PAK rover to work with a variety of base stations and RTK networks. Available as a rover + base system or network rover only, LAND-PAK is a complete survey system that has all the right tools included.

RTK Add-ins Improve Performance

In addition to traditional RTK accuracy, NavCom’s powerful combination of RTK add-ins help reduce outages while providing extended coverage, saving our users valuable time and effort. Ultra RTK provides RTK-level accuracy up to 40km away from a base station and RTK Extend leverages the StarFire Network for continuous RTK positioning when the RTK radio communication signal is blocked or out of range.