Aerial Survey


Eliminate the range limitation of terrestrial communication links and ground based reference stations

NavCom’s Aerial Survey solutions provide a reliable, cost-effective system for aerial surveyors. Maximizing the advantages of the global StarFire Network, the system eliminates the range limitations of terrestrial communication links as well as the dependency on post-processing with ground based reference stations. Not only does NavCom provide surveyors with the ability to return customer surveys in days rather than weeks, but it also frees ground based survey crews to work on other projects and reduces the costs of data collection.

The SF-3050M + ANT-3001A + StarFire for Aerial Applications

NavCom's SF-3050M multi-frequency GNSS receiver provides position, velocity and time up to 25 times a second along with internal data logging, event input, and 1pps output. The ANT-3001A GNSS Aerial Antenna is a low profile, easy-to-mount design that is FAA certified for aerial applications. This hardware combined with NavCom’s StarFire Network provides users with global 5cm-level, real-time accuracy without the need for local ground base stations. NavCom’s SF-3050 also supports RTK for projects with higher accuracy requirements. NavCom’s solution for Aerial Applications is a self-contained system providing real-time accuracy over large areas previously attainable only by post processing.