Create a virtual base station to support your projects needs

Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) is a network of reference stations that provide a virtual base station that allows users to access long-range high-accuracy Network RTK corrections. NavCom’s SF-3050 is deployed in commercially available CORS networks worldwide. Our rugged and reliable CORS solutions help your base station go the distance.

The SF-3050 + ANT-3001BR for CORS Applications

With support for simultaneous broadcast of numerous correction formats over various transmission media, the ability to monitor and control the receiver remotely over Ethernet, GLONASS functionality, and NavCom’s Choke-ring antenna, the SF-3050 is a great choice for permanent or semi-permanent CORS installations. The SF-3050 is compatible with Geo++, reference station protocols from other manufacturers and networks. The SF-3050 supports NTRIP, and RTCM Network protocol, and again, all of this functionality is available in all RTK enabled SF-3050's.